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CTW Solutions is a critical parts, materials, equipment, repairs and value-added services supplier with over 30 years of experience supporting global semiconductor manufacturing and other high-technology industries. Offering a highly flexible business model, we are supply chain managers, sourcing agents, distributors and manufacturers’ representatives, allowing CTW Solutions to provide a broad range of products and services. Whether your need is in vacuum systems, lubrication, gas or chemical delivery, process control, facilities, metrology, leak detection, wafer handling, cleanroom consumables, safety products (EH&S) or just about any related area, we have the expertise and products to solve your problems and keep you running.

What’s New


Repair programs, high-value components, custom kitting services, maintenance programs and automated supply chain management.


Identify cost saving opportunities, unravel inefficient supply chains and find out what products and programs to use to save money and resources.


Over 30,000 parts, 1,200 suppliers, regional company managed warehouses, as well as dozens of partner stocking locations.

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Online access to a limited portion of our parts, equipment, components and other hardware used in various industries.