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For over 30 years CTW Solutions has represented some of the world’s leading suppliers to the Semiconductor and Vacuum Technology manufacturing industries. Whether your requirements are for high vacuum technologies, wet processing, factory automation, or fab consumables and production vacuum components, CTW Solutions offers a wide variety of technology solutions to manufacturer’s legacy and current production challenges. Please contact us to speak with one of our qualified technical sales specialists to discuss your factory’s production requirements.

Advanced Process Control & Automation

System controls, system fault detection, automatic defect classification, RF fault detection, end-point detection, and temperature controls.

Assembly & Packaging

Laser scribing, die singulation, die picks, package leak detection, pogo pins, and equipment spare parts.

Chemical Delivery

Temperature control, high purity valves and fittings, filters, fluid pumps, pressure transducers, liquid flow controls, delivery systems, first responder spill analysis, and chemical analysis.

Cleanroom Equipment & Consumables

Gowns, gloves, hair nets, shoe covers, wipes, swabs, tape, vacuum cleaners, cabinets, furniture, pass-throughs, HEPA filtration.

​Environmental, Trace Gas and Isotope Analysis


Temperature control, high purity valves and fittings, vacuum valves and fittings, fluid and vacuum pumps, leak detectors, pressure transducers, gas and liquid flow controls, gas and liquid filtration

Gas Delivery

High-purity valves and fittings, filters, vacuum valves and fittings, vacuum pumps, leak detectors, pressure transducers, mass flow controls, seals and o-rings

High Vacuum Equipment

Vacuum valves and fittings, vacuum pumps, vacuum pump fluids, vacuum grease, leak detectors, pressure transducers, gas and exhaust flow controls, RF and DC power supplies, bellows, rotary seals, and o-rings.

Materials & Chemicals

Vacuum fluids and greases, chemical analysis, first responder spill analysis.


Thin film thickness, film and materials composition, defect detection and classification, minority carrier life-time analysis, line-width.

Spares & Service

Critical spares for fab and assembly, ceramics, quartz, bellows, seals and o-rings, refurbishment and repairs for heaters, e-chucks, silicon and anodized aluminum electrodes, chillers, temperature controls, RF and DC power supply repair and refurbishment, valve repair and rebuilds, lamps, parts cleaning, and specialty coatings.

Wafer Handling

High Purity shipping and storage containers, FOUPs and FOSBs, process cassettes, high purity tape, sorters, vacuum wands, flat and notch finders, and robotics.

Wafer Process Equipment

CVD systems, plasma etch Systems, wet process and cleaning systems, furnaces, ovens, RF and DC power supplies, wafer handling, online chemical analysis, and metrology tools.